Update on all Things Falseyedols and Cablebox


It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write, and decided it was a good idea to come with an update on all the projects I’m working on! I’ve got a lot of awesomeness in store for you all!

TVLS EP Published!!!!!

My newest body of work, TRVLS, is online over at my Bandcamp page for free download! It’s got 7 instrumental tracks that are heavy in bass, chill in vibes, and ambient as hell. It was a blast making the EP, and I sampled some voices you might recognize. I always try to work in a bit of my philosophy into my music one way or another, and those who get it, get it. The quotes in this one were meant to inspire!

Cablebox Podcasts

My very good friend and close collaborator, Elimence (@elimence) and I started a brand awhile ago called Cablebox, and our exact purpose for the brand started as more of a record label, but we are shifting it a bit more towards a podcast and means to promote artists. We have published our first episode onto the Steem blockchain via @dsound, as well as created a video version and uploaded to YouBoob for archival purposes. You can find all podcasts on this lovely site under the “Podcasts” tab. In addition to this Cablebox project of ours, we are also coordinating with a local brewery to setup an open arts event. We are going to call it Cablebox Presents: Open Arts at Gold Camp Brewery. We are also going to include the event somehow into our podcasts.

Cablebox on Voices from the Mountains and MSP-Waves

Every Friday, from 9-11pm (Mountain Standard Time) on msp-waves.com and on the MSP-Waves Discord channel, you can hear segments of the Cablebox Podcasts on @vfmradio with hosts @lpfaust, @intuitivejakob and me!

Things to Look out For

I will begin finishing my work with the insanely talented singer, Emily Stranger (@emilystranger), and boy do we have something for you! She is such a powerful vocalist with a wide range, and the way she connects on these songs of mine will surely take you back. I am so excited to share my next musical project with the world!!

Thanks for Stopping by and Stay Tuned!!!!

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