Cablebox Presents: Open Arts at GCBC

Our Event is Finally Set!

     We have a date, and are extremely excited to finally have something concrete! This has been something @elimence and I have been working on for awhile, and what a show we have for you! Elimence and I wanted to do something in the community that was not your typical open mic, as we felt those are a bit more limited and don’t have the absolute best reputation for quality entertainment. Hence calling this event an Open Arts.

What is an Open Arts Event?

Our vision for this event is to feature a wide array of musical/visual/performing artists from all genres. We will have selected artists to have longer sets and feature them on the banner of the event, in addition to a performing artist sign-up. We intend to feature a diverse showcase each event, and our premiere show is a grand one! Speaking of which, here is an introduction to our debut artists!

Stoney Bertz

Stoney Bertz ( is one of our all time favorite hip hop artists in the area, and we’ve had the pleasure to work with this phenomenal artist a number of times. With highly conscious and aware hip hop, delivered with poetic flow, Stones has a reputation for quality. We were so excited to be able to book this artist!

Curtis Boucher

     To add to the dopeness, we have Curtis Boucher (, a folk singer/musician who sings his heart out with great passion and conviction. The combination of his powerful voice and guitar will definitely mesmerize you! We think this is the perfect first lineup of musical artists, covering from conscious hip hop to folk music. But we’re not done yet!

Jimi Amirault

     Jimi Amirault ( is a phenomenal artist who uses the mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink, canvas and human skin! He has taken his passion into the world of tattoo art, and has also recently opened his own tattoo shop (across the street from the brewery, in fact!). I have gotten all of my recent tattoos from him over the years, know him personally from high school (we had a high school band together!), and am happy to have a place for him to showcase and sell his artwork. It’s perfect he is just now opening his own tattoo parlor, as well, because it’s great cross promotion of businesses!

Performing Artist Sign-up

     In between and following our showcased artists, we will also have a list at the event where performing artists can sign up to perform. We aren’t sure exactly what number we are capping it at, but we have a max of about two hours to work with on that. We are thinking that open mic performers would have up to 10 minutes to do their thing; whether it be music, comedy, spoken word….. anything! Elimence and I will always be looking for more performers, and this is a great format to get invited on a larger showcase and earn some of the bar sales. All performing artist sign ups get a free half pint of beer, provided by the venue host Gold Camp Brewing Co.


     Cablebox is a project started by Elimence and I, and so far we have used it as a brand to broadcast our podcast, and now we are also using it to work with local business to promote the arts! We are very excited Gold Camp has given us the opportunity to try this out, and we intend to find a way to broadcast the event (or report on) on our podcast and onto the blockchain! I will keep you updated on where this goes! Peace and love.

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