We live in a peculiar age. Some are on the verge of complete control and slavery, while others are on the path to autonomy and self governance. Blockchain technology will prove itself to be one of the most valuable pieces of technology for humanity, and is being used and researched in various ways to improve our lives. This site will be used to bridge the gap between our more familiar centralized world, and this new decentralized one. We want to teach creatives how to use this new technology to their advantage, while also helping promote and build their brand as well!

Centralized vs. Decentralized

Some might be wondering what the difference is. Simply put, the networks and companies we use (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon etc), are centrally located in one physical place. This affords a small amount of people a large amount of power and access to our information. It’s not that these companies maliciously use our information against us, but the algorithms they implement to understand our information generate an insane amount of revenue for these companies. The apps we use aren’t free at all, they cost our information. We literally pay these giant corporations in information to use their services.

What if I told you that the people have created their own platforms that are self regulated and more secure? We no longer need to rely on these corporations as middle men, nickle and diming us at every corner. Instead of our information being stored centrally, it is distributed across what is called a blockchain, and each blockchain is encrypted and linked to each other. Changing a single element on one block changes the rest, and this makes them immutable. We believe blockchain technology is the future, and that is also why this very site is integrated into the Steem blockchain using Steempress! Join us on this adventure at exploring the blockchain from a purely creative perspective. Let’s learn together how we can use this technology to truly make something sustainable for us all.